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WORDPRESS Online Training

Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress, recently announced that in the 12 months previous to July 2013 there was an average of 89 WordPress downloads per minute. With its demand at an all-time high, it stands to reason that there are a near-infinite number of blogs and courses out there, all encouraging to make you an overnight WordPress whizz.

What you will learn

Technodips is a best online training portal.Learn how to build a website or blog in WordPress with our online portal. In these courses, you'll learn how to install WordPress and configure it for SEO, design a WordPress theme, create an ecommerce website, and publish your images and posts with the open-source WordPress content management system.

  • Introduction WORDPRESS

WORDPRESS Course Content


  • WordPress Content Management System
  • About WordPress
  • How to install WordPress
  • Use of WordPress for Blogging and custom Website
  • Adding a WordPress blog to an existing website.
  • Using WordPress as dashboard or admin panel options.
  • General settings.
  • Creating categories for blog posts.
  • Creating blog post under categories.
  • Creating web pages, post and page difference.
  • Installing themes from local system or from WordPress library.
  • Customizing the uploaded themes.
  • Changing the header / logo image.
  • Creating and managing menus with in themes.
  • Import and Export database, to move from local system to server.
  • Convert existing website in WordPress.
  • Plug-in installation and configuration.
  • How to set permalinks or URL format.
  • Contact form usage and customization.
  • Adding Widgets to Sidebars.
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