Quality Management.

SAP QM Online Training

SAP Quality Management is a different SAP software suite developed to help businesses meet the desired regulatory standards in quality across their different departments. This SAP module links with different other SAP modules and helps in a cost-effective manner to maintain uniformly high standards of quality in products and processes through quality planning, quality inspection and quality control.

What you will learn

In market SAP is a niche opportunity and Professionals who are specialized in specific sub-components of SAP such as SAP QM, SAP SCM, SAP XI, SAP WI, etc.Technodips provides you the required skillsets to help you climb the career ladder with ease.

  • Introduction SAP QM

SAP-QM Course Content


  • Introduction of QM
  • Quality Planning
  • Basic Data.
  • Inspection Planning - Task Lists.
  • Quality Inspection
  • Inspection Lot Creation - Automatic Creation & Manual Creation.
  • Prerequisites for creation of Inspection Lot.
  • Result Recording.
  • Defects Recording.
  • Inspection Lot Completion - Life Cycle of Inspection Lot.
  • Sample Management.
  • Control in Logistics
  • Inbound Process - QM in Procurement.
  • In process Inspection - QM in Production.
  • Outbound Process - QM in Sales and Distribution.
  • Quality Certificates
  • Vendor Certificate control.
  • COA - Certificate of Analysis - Issue to Customer.
  • Quality Notifications
  • Identify Nonconformity [NC], Analysis, reporting and ensuring the non occurrence of NC.
  • Defect identify, record, analysis, reporting, etc.


  • Quality Control
  • Dynamic Modification of the inspection Scope.
  • Statistical Process Control.
  • Test Equipment Management Plant Maintenance requirement.
  • Stability Study Storing chemicals to be inspected at defined intervals.
  • General Functions
  • Quality Related Costs.
  • Implementation Requirements
  • Customization explanation.
  • User defined Status and SDN Articles
  • Quality related articles published by Raghu Sharma in SAP SDN.
  • Customization tips and discussion
  • Customizing tips.
  • Recap and discussion.
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