SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (SAP PI) is SAP's enterprise application integration software.

SAP PI Online Training

SAP calls PI an integration mediator because it mediates between entities with varying concern in terms of accordance, format, and protocols. According to SAP, PI reduces the TCO by providing a common repository for interfaces.The central component of SAP PI is the SAP Integration Server, which facilitates interaction between diverse performing systems and applications across internal and external networked computer systems.

What you will learn

Students will learn to configure scenarios and grasp and configure the various options with which a back-end system can be connected to the SAP NetWeaver Process Integration. The class train the new functions of SAP NetWeaver Process Integration.

  • SAP PI Intoduction

SAP PI Course Content


  • Basics Of PI
  •   Architecture and components of the SAP Net Weaver Process Integration
  •   Configuration and runtime behavior of synchronous and asynchronous scenarios
  •   Connecting back-end systems using proxies and adapters
  •   Overview of mapping
  •   Overview of cross-component Business Process Management (ccBPM)
  •   Outlook to SAP Net Weaver Process Integration in the context of Enterprise SOA
  • Business Process Management
  • BPM
  •   Overview of BPM
  •   Step types of ccBPM processes in SAP Net Weaver Process Integration (SAP NW PI)
  •   BPEL4WS import and export
  •   Delivered samples (process pattern)
  •   Exception handling in ccBPM processes
  •   Monitoring and error handling in ccBPM processes
  • XI Proxy Dvelopment
  •  Development Environment and Development Objects using SAP Net Weaver Process Integration
  •   Concepts of Signature Derivation out of SAP Models in SAP NW PI 7.1
  •   Proxy generation for ABAP in SAP NW PI 7.0 and 7.1
  •   Implementing of server proxies and Enterprise Services in ABAP
  •   Runtime configuration with WSADMIN, WSCONFIG, SOAMANAGER
  • Use of the Services Registry
  •   Mass configuration, Direct Connection and Communication using WSRM


  • PI Proxy Dvelopment
  •   Condition Technique
  •   Condition Type
  •   Access Sequence
  •   Condition Table
  •   Field Catalog
  •   Pricing Procedure
  •   Condition Records
  •   Condition Exclusion
  • PI Operations
  • Monitoring Landscape
  •   System component monitoring
  •   End-to-end monitoring
  •   Performance monitoring
  • Administartion Tools
  •   Runtime workbench
  •   Net weaver administrator
  • PI Mapping
  •   Overview of mapping techniques
  •   Standard functions in message mapping
  •   User-defined functions in message mapping
  •   Complex mapping tasks using message mapping
  •   Value mapping technologies in message mapping
  •   Additional techniques in message mapping
  •   Integrating ABAP, Java, and XSLT mapping
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