Hyperion is a Business Intelligence [BI] and Business Performance Management [BPM] tool for Operational and Strategic Planning.

HYPERION Online Training

During this course, students achievement an understanding of block storage capabilities such as Hybrid Aggregation Mode in Block Storage Database, how to maintain and optimize ESSbase database, administration services and also Learn the techniques required to create reports and perform ad hoc analysis using the Essbase Spreadsheet for budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

What you will learn

Technodipsis Hyperion Essbase Training is designed to provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform a variety of tasks.Our Technodips proven expert in all Hyperion Modules like Hyperion Financial Management, Hyperion Financial Data Quality, Hyperion Financial Reporting, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning,FDMEE, Smart view and Data Relationship management.

  • Introduction HYPERION

HYPERION Course Content


  • Hyperion Financial management (HFM)
  • Hyperion Financial Data quality management (FDQM/FDM)
  • Hyperion financial reporting (HFR)
  • Smart View for Office
  • Hyperion Essbase
  • Online Analytical Processing Overview
    • Data Transformation
    • Multidimensional View of Information
    • Multidimensional Data Model
    • OLAP Solutions
  • Analytic Services Overview
    • Business Performance Management
    • Hyperion System 9 Overview
    • Hyperion Analytic Solution
    • Analytic Services
    • Analytic Administration Services
  • Creating Multidimensional Databases
    • Life Cycle of the Essbase Analytics Database Design
    • Creating Essbase Analytics Applications and Databases
    • Creating and Managing Database Outlines
    • Creating Time, Accounts, and Scenario Dimensions
  • Enhancing Database Outlines
    • Creating Business-view Dimensions
    • Specifying Consolidation Operators and Defining Calculations
    • Setting Time Balance Properties
    • Creating Label-Only and Shared Members
    • Defining Duplicate Member Names and Member Aliases
    • Creating Attribute Dimensions


  • Loading Data
    • Data Load Options
    • Loading Data from Flat Files
    • Performing Free-Form Data Loads
    • Loading Data with Rules Files
    • Loading Data from SQL Data Sources
  • Calculating the Essbase Analytics Database
    • Outline Calculations
    • Calculation Scripts
    • Two-Pass Calculations
    • Dynamic Calculations
    • Dynamic Time Series
  • Retrieving Data
    • Smart View Overview
    • Connecting to the Analytic Server
    • Retrieving Multidimensional Data into Two-dimensional Spreadsheet Reports
    • Navigating Through Spreadsheet Reports
    • Manipulating Multidimensional Data
    • Installing the Web Server
    • Smart View Options
  • Advanced Spreadsheet Reporting
    • Updating Data on the Analytic Server
    • Creating Free-Form Reports
    • Selecting Members
    • Creating Reusable Queries
    • Extending the Spreadsheet Environment with Visual Explorer
  • Storing Analytic Data
    • Data Storage Options
    • Block Storage
    • Block Storage
    • Aggregate Storage
  • Hyperion Planning
  • ODI
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