Devops is a new term appear from the collision of two major related trends.

DEVOPS Online Training

DevOps be the solution Let's just admit that administration is mandatory and that developers are developers. And then work out solutions from there. Rather than userping admin activity into the dev team, let's facilitate a positive information exchange, foster mutual considerate and simplify the interaction.

What you will learn

Devops Online Course designed by the most highly skilled and real time professionals with their updated contents. Our students who were completed DevOps Training in our Online Training Portal was happy.

  • DevOps Course

DEVOPS Course Content


  • Linux_OS_Basics and Shell Scripting
  •  Linux_Commands
  •  File_System
  •  vi editor
  •  Advanced_Linux_Commands
  •  System_Administration
  •  Advanced_System_Administration
  •  Grep
  •  Shell_Scripting with examples(All types of loops)
  •  Regular_Expressions
  •  SED
  •  AWK
  • Maven
  • Maven basics
  • Difference between Ant and Maven
  • Installation and Setup of Maven
  • Maven lifecyclyes
  • First Maven project
  • How to compile application source
  • How to compile test source and run unit test
  • SNAPSHOT version
  • How to use plugins
  • How to add or remove resources from jar
  • dependency management
  • Deploy jar in remote repository
  • Jenkins
  • Basics of CI
  • Fresh instance of Jenkins installation and configuration
  • How to create a job and configure it
  • A walk-through of different features of Jenkins
  • Jenkins plugins installation and configuration
  • Practical Jenkins administration issues
  • How to integrate different build and release tools like Ant, Maven, Gradle, GIT, Perforce, SVN, Tomcat, Chef etc
  • Devise a strategy for the candidate's organization build and release process
  • AWS
  • Basics of virtualization
  • Basics of cloud computing
  • LAMP installation
  • AWS services:EC2,S3,DynamoDB


  • GIT
  • GIT basics
  • branching strategy
  • Difference between versioning control tools and GIT
  • Git installation
  • Getting and creating projects:initialize a directory as Git repository and copy a Git repository
  • Basic snapshoting: Adding file contents to staging area
  • view status of your files in the working directory and the staging area
  • show diff at various stages
  • record snapshot of staging area
  • undo changes and commits
  • remove files from staging area
  • stashing changes
  • Branching and merging
  • sharing and updating projects
  • Inspection and Comparison
  • Chef
  • Basics of Chef and Infrastructure management tools
  • Learn to manage a node
  • Learn to manage a basic web application
  • Learn to develop your infrastructure code locally
  • Learn to test your infrastructure code
  • Learn to install and manage your own Chef server
  • Puppet
  • Basics of Puppet
  • Install Puppet(Open source Puppet)
  • Type fundamentals
  • Module Fundamentals
  • Puupet server
  • PuppetDB
  • Hiera
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